1. "i learned that people can easily forget that others are human."
    — "prisoner" from the stanford prison experiment (1971)

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  3. "I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when Iโ€™m awake."
    — Ernest Hemingway (via feellng)

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    what would jesus do with that big fat butt

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  6. They’re all gone.

    Pictures, poems, and poison.ย 


  7. Way to make me feel like such a great regret to you.


  8. "because hangovers hurt less then heartache."
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  11. "And in the end, we were all just humans drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness."
    — F. Scott Fitzgerald (via mylittlebookofquotes)
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  13. You hate me now, but I promise you—you’ll be happier without me. I’ve seen it once. Give it half a week.ย 


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    donโ€™t date anyone who isnโ€™t proud of you

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  15. i wanna get drunk and kiss a lot and not think for a while

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